Friday, August 13, 2004

i made my way onto a Wayne Dyer discussion board. what a rush! see comment in the next entry.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

i must continue ragging on dr. wayne dyer. his bald head seems to appear on pbs at exactly those times when i least need it. wayne says that you can perfect a life art, where your gradually increasing appreciation of beauty translates into a positive orientation with the universe. the payoff being that people are ATTRACTED to you because you are just so full o' life, so full o' the goodness.

he also says that it is very, very bad to judge people. and he quotes Soren Kierkegaard as saying "when you judge me, you negate me." it occurred to me today that the act of judging another person isn’t so BAD. The only thing bad about it is if you happen to take pride in the judgment. Judging people quickly and correctly is actually what dynamic people do all of the time.

A realtor visited my condo today. She was exactly what I want in a realtor: quick, cute, a DYNAMO. She ran through my place, her mental tape measure whirring. She said that she is a proxy inspector for “a little 78 year-old lady.” I could not have witnessed a more effective surveillance. I’m sure she wasn’t correct, 100% about ME, or my place, but what the fuck? She did not need Dr. Wayne Dyer.

I suppose that there is a philosopher, other than Wayne Dyer, who would appeal to me. I am becoming fixated on the concept of class. What it means to have class. What it means to break through to a life where you approach things lightly, and at the same time are attuned the deeper implications of it all. Attempting to surround yourself with a halo of Emersonian purity just gets in the way of what is important.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

saw "the bourne supremacy" tonight. my mind was already made up about what i'd get out of it before the opening credits rolled. i wanted to see matt damon, uber man, operating at such a high level of cognitive ability that it made my own problems seem small. it delivered. for example, checking into one hotel room and then breaking in to the desired hotel room just down the hall is smart. it buys you time and you'll know when the swat team arrives.

for a few moments this afternoon i watched the opening of Dr. Wayne Dyer's four hour PBS pledge drive marathon, "The Power of Intention." he takes the stage in Boston and says "most people think that having intention means getting what you want, no matter who gets in your way... well i'm here to dispel that myth... blah blah blah." if i contined to watch his show i would have probably been told that i needed to focus on the art of forgiveness, or tap into child like wonderment, etc. i won't snap on poor Wayne and write here that he is utterly full of it. but if it's so true that "intention" doesn't have anything to do with navigating human obstacles, then why is it such an adrenaline rush watching bourne outhink and outsmack his opponents. it was, admittedly, incredibly satisfying when the toast popped. people who saw the movie will know what i'm talking about.