Sunday, March 16, 2008

Two hours and 2 million brain cells later...

In my latest thrilling installment, I got around to finishing my bare wood filing cabinet. Briwax creates fumes that are so strong that the place where I bought the first can (used to finish the bookcase behind the cabinet) stopped selling it for fear of their customers' safety. As I worked I listened to a locally produced NPR interview with a man who received a heart transplant. A bout with bronchitis led to a rare virus attacking his heart. The thought did occur to me that sacrificing my health in order to finish a $25o piece of furniture is akin to... I don't know, wiping down a floor with a cashmere sweater or something. Well, I have fewer brain cells now; I guess my analogies won't be as good.

Favorite quote of the week:
May I bring an air of understated sobriety to this discussion?
-- James Warren, Chicago Tribune columnist and guest on McLaughlin Group