Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Today was my biannual bout with stomach flu, or food poisoning. I don't know which. It was painful and ran its course exactly like it has before. I ate cold pizza and fresh cocktail tomatoes. The last time I ate a cold pork chop and a peach. Learn from my stupidity. Heat up anything that is conventionally eaten hot, and rinse produce thoroughly. I wonder if pesticides have something to do with it. Both times I ate very fresh produce; perhaps pesticides lowered my resistence to bacteria.

It's like huge fingers pinching your intestines for four hours. I don't want to experience it again.

I watched the movie Thumbsucker last night, speaking of poor hygeine. The DVD packaging leads one to think of a nutty, independent film along the lines of Napoleon Dynamite. It's a sentimental coming of age story with a linear plot and a happy ending. The Polyphonic Spree guy ...let's see IMDB... TimDeLaughter did the sountrack and I think in ten years the film will make people grateful for the present. More realistic than a John Hughes film, but so crowded with big name actors that you sort of wish somebody like Anthony Michael Hall or Pedro might stroll into a scene. Keanu Reeves is poorly cast as an existentialist orthodontist. The casting by ...let's see IMDB... Jeanne McCarthy made me think "hair fetish" and "big budget". The writing is just OK, maybe more thanks to the novel than the screenwriters. I liked The Squid and the Whale better.