Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ran the Santa Clara Pueblo 10k (June 30) in 49:45. A dirt road led us through the residential part of the pueblo (small adobe ranches, barking dogs, little gardens) and then out into a plain. Tall mountains on the horizon, cacti, grasses, live oak trees. I studied the depth of car tire tracks, trying to stay on the firmest parts of the road. The women's leader shadowed me for about four miles before passing. It was at around this point that the road led into sparse woods. A small herd of cows rushed towards me within their fenced pasture. I passed a boy who looked to be around 12. He had a fierce looking mohawk with a long mane, but turned to me and said "great job." As I ran back into town he was close behind. Bystanders cheered him on, making me feel conspicuous. At the finish line I heard my name and "Austin, Texas" called out on the PA, but all eyes were on the kid. Todo es bueno.