Sunday, February 17, 2008

Read about the Cobra condos in the newspaper. They have small, medium, large units, each with the same floor plan: a large, open rectangle with a glass-paneled garage door at each end. The doors do not lead to driveways, but to a small concrete sidwalk, and then lawn. I am not sure there is any aesthetic at work here other than what seems cool. I admit, if a sense of ennui creeps in, it would be comforting to know you could hit a switch on the wall and eliminate the barrier between "inside" and "out." But couldn't one just walk outside? I've been thinking about these places a lot. Probably they've already been gobbled up.

Saw a few great exhibits at the Museo Alameda down in San Antonio last past weekend. Two artists, Rubio and Valdez, have asserted themselves as spokespersons for a minimalist, latin-americanized vision of cool. Particularly with Valdez one sees precision mixed with small fanciful touches. As if to say that if one is enough of a chingon, small sillyness is allowable.