Wednesday, October 20, 2004

i am finally moved in to matt's place. there are opened boxes and piles of unorganized crap on my bed which is why i am not sleeping right now. since i have much less personal space, the challenge is where to put everything. i can't move one thing without burying another thing. i've been hoisting and shuffling around my many heavy things for four straight days. it is changing my world view. i noticed in the arts section of the austin chronicle an exhibit called "electricity and me" which features fanciful electric devices. the aesthetics of it seemed wrong. our culture already includes heavy, mostly superfluous electric devices, what is the point of creating new, abstracted ones? i want to see art made out of nothing. an art installation that gives one the feeling of having empty hands and a strong back, rather than hands full and a burden to carry. there was actually a piece of art like this at the Tate a few years ago, a large photograph called "planting a ray of light" or something to that effect. the photograph showed a woman digging a hole with her hands, with the caption saying that she was performing an experiment to reveal dark spaces to the sun for the first time. the photo was taken in the late 60s but the woman had a modern stylishness, anyway i'm about to keel over from fatigue.