Saturday, February 03, 2007

I've been preparing for the Capitol 10k which will happen March 25. I joined an "Intermediate/Advanced" running group that meets near the Austin American-Statesman building on Saturday mornings. The group leader, Paul Gonzalez, led a 6.5 mile run east to the Longhorn Dam this morning.

I was prepared. On Thursday night I ran from my house to Mesa Blvd., and then took that to 2222. Once there, I found no sidewalk or shoulder, so I had to return the way I came, over steep hills.

My legs were totaled yesterday, but they had regained some bounce by this morning. Three guys new to the group trailed behind for awhile and then disappeared. We started with eight and finished with five. A tall, younger guy wearing a nylon superhero shirt that said "shoot me in my breastplate and I'll bleed", Paul, and I led in a tight pack at what felt like an 8:30 pace the last two miles. I loved feeling that I belonged in the group. I kid you not.

It's possible that I can break 50 minutes in this race, but I need to eat right, train consistently, and not injure myself. I guess my blog will take on the boring aspects of run-speak for awhile. I was watching a bit of the XTerra off-road triathalon this morning.