Thursday, November 13, 2008

The sun came up today and it burned my blues away,
The sun came up today and it burned my blues away,
Go ahead if you have to leave me
You ain't coming back this time, hope that's fine
Got my sunshine, I'll get by.

-- Mojave 3, Got My Sunshine

Things haven't been going all that badly. Visited NYC for a long weekend, getting more acquainted with my little cousin Allison who lives in brooklyn and works as an architect. She has a hamster named Fat Butt Jesus, who desperately tries to push his way out of the cage at night. He longs to be a rat.

Ate at Public, a minimalist Australian Pan-Asian place in soho where all of the menus are designed to look like library cards, Cafe Lafeyette, a completely authentic French cafe in brooklyn, down to the dingy mirrors, ripped upholstery, and dented tin ceiling, walked the brooklyn bridge, went to moma, went to kif, a moroccan bar and cafe with a cozy vibe, where a tall blonde woman with glasses played barstool dj with her laptop in front of her. 99 luftbalons. 

Pictures of Allison and Claire, and me.