Thursday, April 05, 2007

Town Lake, 6.7, 54:55, 8:12

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Ran the Capital 10k in 51:29, which seems just about right. Thanks to Julie and Matt for getting up early to meet me at the finish line (more photos).

I've taken it easy this week. Matt and I attended a 12-hour cop marathon at the Alamo last night. Electra Glide in Blue, Police Story II, Sudden Impact, Freebie and the Bean, and the new movie by Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright, Hot Fuzz. There was a funny Q&A after the film, with Pegg, Wright and Nick Frost decked out in brand new Sheplers black cowboy shirts.

Freebie and the Bean was the surprise hit of the evening. Thrilling car chases and an edgy, urbane script (with "somewhat lacking" political correctness and Alan Arkin and Valerie Harper playing a married Mexican-American couple with six or seven children). The movie was probably both too hip and too insulting to broad demographic swaths to achieve the popularity of The Blues Brothers but it is a very fun movie.