Saturday, November 24, 2007

world enough, and time

for the past few days my job has been to check on Elizabeth's cat. i finished reading Lonesome Dove yesterday. worked on my entry to the austin chronicle short story competition. ate a 78704 cheeseburger from phil's icehouse yesterday afternoon, with a vanilla shake. lay in bed for a "short nap" and ended up going into such a deep sleep that i woke up four hours later, initially not knowing my name or whose house i had woken up in.

i drove to the bank this morning to deposit a check. i found myself easily irritated by other drivers, which would suggest that i have "issues" or deep-seated anger. i think what it is is that a part of me has liked this down time so much that it's shone a spotlight on how much of a pain in the ass most people really are. the thought of becoming a recluse in my middle age doesn't worry me so much as the idea of being unfair to the collective "we". somebody had to raise the cow i ate on a bun yesterday, and i'd have gone hungry had this person shirked their ranching responsibilities to go write short fiction in a one-room log cabin.

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